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Meet the Staff

Scott Masterman


29 years of Sales & Sales Management experience in the Medical, Computer, Financial, and Electronic Component industries.

Territory:  Northrop Grumman,  Baltimore, MD


John Stilling

Sales Engineer

22 years Outside Sales experience in Electronic Components industry.

5 years with Molex.

Territory:  Northrop Grumman

Baltimore, MD

Jon Lehr.jpg

Jon Lehr

Sales Engineer

32 years of Sales & Marketing experience in the Commercial, Military and Aerospace industries

Territory:  Eastern Pennsylvania


Blaine Lafin

Sales Engineer

8 years sales experience in

Military, Aerospace and B2B sales.

Territory:  Virginia, West Virginia


Rick Sapp

Sales Engineer

29 years of Sales & marketing experience

Territory:  Maryland, Virginia


Rich Almeida

Sales Engineer

26 years Sales and Marketing in Commercial, Aerospace and Military Components & Systems.

Territory:  Northern New Jersey and Metro New York

JH 2.1.jpg

John Humiston

Sales Engineer

25 years sales experience in the Military, Aerospace and Commercial industries.

Territory:  Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey


Mark Barrett

Sales Engineer

26 years of Inside Sales/

Outside Sales/

Management experience

Territory:  NY State

Jason Sullivan.jpg

Jason Sullivan

Sales Engineer

BS - Electrical Engineer

10+ years in Electronic engineering, with 4 years of SATCOM experience and 7 years of RFID system solutions

Territory:  Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

AP web and presentation.jpg

Adam Priest

Sales Engineer

11 years sales experience in the telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and B2B sales.

Territory:  Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia


Nancy Nathanson

Office Manager

28 years Sales & Marketing experience including 7 years with a wireless telecommunications company.

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