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Line Card: Eastern Pennsylvania & Southern New Jersey

Knowles Precision Devices - sm.png

Multilayer, Single Layer and Trimmer Capacitors; Custom & Build-to-Print Thin Film Devices, RF/Microwave Filters and Multiplexers

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GPO, GPPO, G3PO, G4PO, GMS Blindmate RF Connectors, Fiber Optic Harsh Connectivity

Mercury Logo.png

RF and Microwave Solutions & Mixed Signal Solutions
Atlanta Micro – RF MMIC Amplifiers, Attenuators, Filters, Switches, Splitter/couplers and Tuners

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PWB & Backplane Fabrication and Backplane Assemblies

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Flexible and Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable Assemblies & Harnesses


Modular system of RF building blocks which provide a quick path from concept to prototype to production.

SynQor - transparent.png

DC-DC converters, EMI Filters, AC-DC Supplies, Configurable Power Assemblies, Military Power Systems


Custom Backshells, Electrical & Mixed Signal Assemblies and Harnesses


RF Amplifier modules/systems, Solid-state RF/Microwave switches and  limiters from 10 MHz to 40GHz, with power handling from 5W to multi kW

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