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MHz History:

MHz Marketing was originally founded in 1973 by Frank Dickison as Dickison Sales Company, Inc.  In 1996, the company was sold to Scott Masterman.  As sole owner and company President, Scott changed the name of the company to MHz Marketing in 1998.  This name change reflects the product focus on the company's line card.  Although our name has changed, our 40 year history of providing customers in the MD, VA, DC, eastern PA, NJ and NY territories with the highest level of professional sales and service remains constant.

In an effort to best address the needs of both the military and commercial customers in our territory, MHz Marketing focuses on the representation of high quality manufacturers of products in the areas of:

  • Optoelectronic components

  • Fiber optic components

  • Microwave/RF components

  • RF, Electrical, and Fiber Optic Connectors

  • RF, Electrical, and Fiber Optic Assemblies

  • Frequency Control Products


Our commitment to representing a limited number of manufacturers at any given time better serves the interest of both our customers and the companies we represent.  For the customer, limiting and maintaining synergy between product lines allows our sales force the opportunity to fully understand our customer's needs and to learn the product lines we represent to the level of becoming a valuable resource during all phases of product development.  Our manufacturers benefit in that each line is assured of receiving the appropriate mind-share necessary to properly expose potential and existing customers to products which support their specific needs.

MHz remains committed to presenting our customers with the best, most cost-effective technology our manufacturers have to offer. And while technology continues to advance and change at MHz speeds, our dedication and commitment to treating every customer as if they are our only customer will always remain constant.

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